Chef Abdelghani has prepared a special collection of preserves and spices to give your own home cooking a real authentic Moroccan touch. Marrakech Café now also have vouchers* available in amounts of $20 or $40. Call (04) 386 2884 to order or inquire in-store.

(Not in stock) Argan oil

Argan oilArgan Oil comes from the nut of the Argan tree, which up until recently was relatively unknown as it only grows on a small area in the south west of Morocco. Cherished for centuries by Moroccan Berbers, Argan oil has now captured the attention of the modern world. When compared to olive oil, Argan oil is stronger, richer grown oil, which is cold pressed, slightly darker than olive oil, has a nutty flavour and is high in nutritional value. Throughout Morocco, it is commonly used in salads, Tagines and couscous, to marinate roasted peppers and tomatoes and to enhance semolina dishes. Recently, Argan oil has entered European cuisine, introduced by chefs inspired by its unusual flavour. Internationally, it has also gained attention for its cosmetic and nutritional properties. Argan oil contains Omega 6, has twice as much Vitamin E as olive oil, has anti-inflammatory properties beneficial for arthritic or rheumatic conditions and is known to help reduce your cholesterol levels.

The Original Preserved Lemon

The Original Preserved LemonPreserved lemons, one of the most widely used ingredients in Morocco, are lemons, which have been pickled in salt and their own juices. Also called pickled lemons, they add a salty, distinctive lemon flavour to Moroccan Tagines, sauces and salads. Although they are essential to many Moroccan recipes, personal taste dictates how preserved lemons might be used. Some cooks always remove the flesh, for example, while others leave it on when adding preserved lemon to Tagines and sauces. In salads, however, only the finely chopped rind is usually used. Both the saltiness and pungency can be controlled by how much preserved lemon is used, and when the lemons are added to the dish. The longer the lemons simmer in the sauce, the more salt and lemon flavour that will be released.


HarissaHarissa is a fiery hot paste that can be used both as a condiment and as an ingredient. It’s flavor is harnessed in North African cuisine, especially that of Tunisia and Morocco. It is primarily served to enhance salads, cooked fish, meat and poultry but can be used to add heat to any dish. We recommend you try our Harissa made in our very own kitchen. Our Harissa is made with  fresh ingredients including red chillies, red capsicum, preserved lemon and Chef Abdelghani’s own special mix of  herbs.  Not sure what to use it on? Try adding it to instantly liven up dull couscous.


AmlouAmlou– is a delicious Moroccan dip made from toasted almonds, Argan oil and honey. Argan oil is native to Morocco and might be found in specialty food shops or online. Be sure to buy Argan oil for culinary and not cosmetic use.

Amlou nut spread is very easy to make and usually served for breakfast or tea time. A mortar and pestle is the traditional method for crushing the almonds to a paste-like consistency, but I find a meat grinder works quite well. Delicious results can be obtained with a food processor, but the appearance of the Amlou won’t be the same.

(Not in stock)Moroccan Saffron

SaffronWe are proud to have the very finest quality harvested by hand in Morocco. More intensely fragrant than the Spanish saffron, and much less costly since we acquire it directly from the source, this pure Moroccan saffron is offered to our clients with an absolute guarantee of satisfaction.

Ras El Hanout

Ras El HanoutRas el Hanout, which translates literally as ‘head of the shop’, originated in the Meghribi villages of North Africa. It’s a complex and distinctive mix of about 20-27 spices and herbs, the quantities of which vary according to the maker. Specific quantities are a much guarded secret from one spice shop to the next and blending is considered an art. Ras el Hanout is used with poultry, meat, game, rice and couscous.

Moroccan Mixed Harissa Olives

Moroccan Mixed Harissa OlivesA tapas or side dish on its own, the strong flavour needs no other. Cook with Tagines or add to tomato sauces for a spicy Moroccan flavour.





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