Review on DineSmart

Here is a review from DineSmart from another happy customer (6th October 2010)

Came to Marrakech on the wildest Wellington day, hail and freezing cold – and was blown away by the instant warmth of this cafe. Rich colours and decorations inside made it feel like we were somewhere else, and the smells – oh the wonderful smells!

We hummed and ha-aahed about having the trio of dips, but boy I’m glad we did in the end – I couldn’t choose a favourite, they were all too good. Then I had the beef cigars which were frankly worth dying for. Throughout the lunch the waiter was lovely, attentive and inobtrusive.

Regrettably ended up full to brimming and couldn’t fit dessert or tea. Next time.

My only gripe is the early evening hours – I would love to come here for dinner but would be tough to make it within the opening hours. But now I have discovered Marrakech I will find a way to come here often!