Top Taste – Moroccan Magic

There is a comfortable, local feel to Marrakech Café. The Moroccan/Mediterranean eatery at 305 Evans Bay Parade is welcoming, family friendly, and delicious. We started with a refreshing Moroccan tea from a pretty Aladdin’s lamp-style silver pot. “Moroccan whisky,” joked the chef Abdel El Adraoui (the restaurant is unlicensed). It was subtly sweet with a leaf of mint freshening the glass.

[Abdel’s] food is based on traditional fare and Moroccan spices.  For a starter we chose the three-dip combo served with triangles of roti; one lentil, one eggplant and one subtly spiced pea dip. As we were munching into this creamy trio, the café got busy … tables filled with all types [and] ages. Marrakech Café has developed a good reputation since it opened.

We … tucked into our mains – a tagine of lamb and one of fish. Tagine is the name of the dish the meal is cooked in; a plate with a conical cover. Our waiter ceremonially whipped [away] the cones covering the meals. Tagines are cooked for hours at a low temperature, resulting in extremely tender meat. The sauces were very rich, a stew of vegetables and spices served with a side of rice. The lamb fell off the shank and melted in the mouth; the fish was just as good, sweet and succulent with a good mix of olives, carrots and capsicum.

Marrakech also offers couscous-based dishes and kebabs, alongside more exotic sounding options such as Bastella.  The meals were generous which meant we were unable to fit in dessert. However, friends recommended the rice pudding and there was an attractive selection of cakes.